Jen’s Recipe Book

Welcome to my happy place!

Here you will find the best of my healthy creations. I will only ever share the best with you, so don’t expect to find ten new recipes a week – I’m all about quality over quantity here.

Instead, expect to find delicious, quick and seriously easy recipes for you to try at home. I want this to be a place that you can come to when you need a healthy, helping hand.

Whether you’re in a rush, you have a special event or you’re just lacking motivation to make something that’s good for you – let this be your go-to, healthy recipe guide.

I’ve worked in an array of kitchens over the years, and can make myself at home in almost any space that has a hob, a pan, a sharp knife and a silicon spatula (don’t underestimate those things, they’re SO useful!) but here is where I will give you the best of everything that I have learnt (and am still learning every day!)

For me, the greatest joy of cooking is constantly learning new ways to make the food I love taste even better – allow me to share with you all that I know, and fall in love with eating for the love of it, all over again.


Side Note on Macros (if you don’t know what they are, feel free to skip this part it’s not necessary because that’s my job not yours!)

The purpose of Miss FF is not to educate you on what macros are and how much of each you should be eating to feel your best. I understand macros. I worked with top Personal Trainers for 2 years – believe me when I say that macros are my personal nightmare!

Macros can take the love out of food, in fact I know a lot of people who see food on a plate as ‘proteins’, ‘fats’ and ‘carbs’ independently – which is just weird.

Anyway, I want you to trust that the recipes I have put together have been created with care, precision and balance – with health and nutrition in mind. It’s kind of the point of all of this. So that you can quit worrying, eat tasty food and feel great.

I’m never going to tell anyone that they are right or wrong in the way that they choose to eat, or maintain a certain shape and size. I’m just here to inspire you to see food as a friend… a really, really tasty friend.

Enjoy! Miss FF xx

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