Top Tips for Cooking with Tofu

Whether you’re plant-based or just like to go meat-free every now and then, tofu is a brilliant high-protein alternative that tastes great.


Tofu sometimes gets a bad rep for being bland and boring, but with my few cooking hacks you too can master the art of delicious tasting tofu, every time!


1. Pat it dry. –ย Use a kitchen towel to remove excess moisture before cooking.


2. Marinade –ย Dice up your tofu, coat it in herbs and spices of your choosing as you would with meats. A curry powder is a very simple and tasty place to start.


3. High heat –ย Tofu is best seared, so that you get a little crunch on the outside rather than a soggy, crumbly texture! Have your pan on very high, and sear all sides like you would a steak, to seal in the flavour of your tasty marinade.


4. Seasoning –ย as with everything, seasoning is king. Always remember your best friends salt and pepper, before serving.




Let me know what other cooking tips you’d like to see more of! #SheCooks

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