Meal Replacements – I mean, why would you want to replace a meal?

I’m curious. When you buy something labelled as a ‘meal replacement’ what exactly is your decision making process behind it?

You see, when you think about it, a ‘meal replacement’ is a bit of a weird concept really, isn’t it? What’s so awful about any meal that you’d want to replace it with something else? A shake, or a slimming drink, or a weight-loss pill – that doesn’t seem like a great replacement to me.

The truth is – if you’re struggling to lose weight, you don’t have to replace your meals with anything other than better meals.

If you’re overweight, you’ve most likely been eating a little bit too much and not moving enough. There are a multitude of additional factors to take into account, sure, but at its simplest if you were to increase your activity and reduce your calories you’re pretty much guaranteed progress in the right direction.

When you look at where you are now, with regards to your weight/fitness/body confidence – you will find that your body is a reflection of your habits over the last few months and years. If you’ve been busy, or stressed, or avoiding the gym, or snacking too often – you’re probably not feeling you best. So, it’s important to realise that if you want to feel your best, and to make positive and long-lasting changes, you need to address your habits and your routine and start to invest in yourself, and the bigger picture.


This means that instead of looking for quick fixes and short cuts, you’re much better off thinking about small changes and adjustments to your routine that are going to add up to a healthier, fitter you for the long-term.

If you replace your lunches with a shake for 2 weeks, you will probably lose weight after two weeks. Great! – Now what?

Now, you either carry on with meal replacement shakes for the rest of your life because it’s ‘worked for you’ – it’s the only way you’ve managed to achieve weight loss successfully, and feel endlessly like you’re missing out and on a ‘diet’, miserable and probably hungry…

Or, you figure out a better way to lose weight and maintain it, with real food and actual meals (yay!).

I can understand why you’d be tempted to try them yourself – if your friend lost a stone with meal replacement shakes, or your cousin lost five pounds in a week with green tea tablets. I get that no-one wants to wait months for results, if you think there’s a quicker and easier alternative.

But I have to be honest with you, these methods aren’t sustainable and there’s nothing worse than losing weight only to put it all back on again – leaving you feeling miserable and like a failure. It’s why I have a real issue with these methods, as they can have a real negative impact on the mental health and body confidence of consumers.

So here’s my advice.

If you’re tempted to try meal replacements, think about whether or not you want to commit to drinking shakes for the rest of your life to feel good about your body. (I really hope not!)

Then think about whether you’d prefer to find something that is sustainable, healthy and means you can eat actual food. Food that you enjoy, that is fun and easy to make, that tastes great and means you don’t feel like you’re on a diet 24/7.


If you’d rather go with the second option, get in touch below and let me help you to get started.

It can be a minefield, with hundreds of companies trying to tell you that their method works best, their diet plan is the smartest or their meal replacement is the quickest to work – but the secret that no-one wants you to know is that you don’t need ANY of that.

You just need to understand what is best to eat, how much of it is ideal for your body and lifestyle, and ideally some tasty ideas to keep you eating well for life!

If you’re looking to make changes to your body, don’t waste your money on meal replacements and quick fixes when you could invest in your education and discover how simple it can be to lose weight – and keep it that way.

If you’re nodding your head, but you’re still not sure where to start – get in touch below and let me help you get started.

(If you’re not sure I can help you, take a look at a few of my client testimonials here!)

Miss FF x

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