About Miss FF

Jenny Woodberry created Miss Fighting Fit in 2014, after developing a passion for healthy eating and a desire to inspire and share it with the World.

After gaining 2 stone at University in sunny Cornwall, Jenny took up Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and moved away from the pizza boxes and takeaways and instead picked up recipe books, in a bid to shed the pounds and be a total badass.

An avid reader and a passionate foodie meant that healthy eating quickly became second nature to Jen, as she studied an online nutrition course in her spare time and worked as a Chef De Partie in her local town. Desperate to learn as much as she could, she knocked on the door of the best restaurant in town to ask for a job, and found herself up to her eyes in mise-en-place!

Fast-forward to 2018 and Jenny has never looked back from her career in food, and over the last five years has worked as a chef in various restaurants and cafes, developed a healthy ready meal service in the south and worked with the World’s Leading Personal Trainers Ultimate Performance, as their dedicated Food Advisor. Supporting clients with their incredible body transformations has provided Jen with a wealth of experience when it comes to knowing what is best to eat for body composition, and most recently helped to develop the company’s food service – EatUP.

You can find a selection of Jenny’s recipes in UP’s latest book, Body Transformation Meal Plan Design and she plans to publish her own dedicated healthy recipe book in due course!

Jen is now working on several exciting new projects, including a healthy meal service to support students, office workers and people who are simply sick of yo-yo dieting. For Jen, recipe development and creation takes up much of the day to day as Miss Fighting Fit, and when she’s not hands on in the kitchen, she’s freelance writing recipes and healthy eating articles, or throwing weights around in the gym!

“A huge part of Miss Fighting Fit is about learning, sharing and inspiring. Food has gotten a bit complicated recently, and it’s no wonder that people are constantly yo-yo’ing through fad diets and super-foods, and spending thousands on products that they just don’t need to be healthy!

The dream is to change as many people’s lives as possible, through dedicated research and development from my part (I’m a massive geek at heart!) and presenting that to the World in the most easily digestible (excuse the pun!) way possible.

Whether that’s through exciting recipe tutorials or healthy meals for those people who are just too busy to DIY – I want to create so many opportunities for everybody to get exactly what they need to improve their way of life, and consider themselves Fighting Fit!”