Personal Meal Plans

Miss Fighting Fit is a healthy eating specialist, helping you to live a healthy lifestyle, in a way that works for you.

I’ve worked with the world’s leading personal trainers, curating my knowledge with nutritional experts and gaining experience working with hundreds of clients – to understand how to help transform your body and to help you to stay accountable, positive and happy throughout the process.

Whether you have a time-specific goal that you want to achieve, or you are struggling to wade through the conflicting advice available online – I’m here to help you to figure out exactly what is right for you.

About My Personal Meal Plans

There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to diet and nutrition. We each have different goals, body types, genetics and taste preferences – meaning that it can be extremely hard to find something that works specifically for you.

There’s no point in receiving a meal plan, to get to day three and realise that it requires such vast changes to your current lifestyle all at once that are almost impossible to stick to.

That’s why I take on board as much personal information as I can, to create a bespoke plan that is designed around you, your lifestyle and your preferences to make it as easy as possible for you to stick to, and enjoy!



Ally M, Basic Plan – ‘In four weeks I lost a total of 5.5kg and I feel so much better about my weight. I’m much more body confident. I am still sticking to it but also not being too strict when it’s a birthday etc. Thank you!!

Kat D, Basic Plan – ‘Day 5 in and lost 2.3kgs so really happy with that!’

Charlie H, Basic Plan – ‘ Last night I slept for 8 hours. I don’t remember the Last time I slept longer than 4.5 hours.’

Rose B, Transform Plan – ‘After week one i’d seen some crazy results – already dropping over 2kg! This continued at an astonishing rate for the next week and then the plan changed to a new 2 day cycle which was equally delicious and easy to prepare. At the end of week five I’m not only the lightest I’ve been for over a year, I’ve hit my goal weight already (didn’t expect that till the end!) and I feel really strong when I’m training.  Absolutely made up with it so far, and the results are so much better than I anticipated.’

Sophie, Transform Plan – ‘I had a personalised meal plan and I was so impressed – super tasty, super filling and all tailored to my tastes and needs!’

Ben L, Transform Plan – ‘Your meal plan was a massive learning experience for me. I felt full and energised throughout and the meals were delicious. Jen is a fantastic source of guidance and motivation. 10/10 would eat again thank you Miss Fighting Fit.’


I offer two different meal plans, to further personalise each offering based on what your goals are and your current level of knowledge around food and nutrition.

The Basic Plan is for you, if you:

  • are looking to lose weight, tone up and understand more about the food types and portion sizes that are right for you.
  • need structure – you understand how to eat well but you know you probably aren’t getting it spot on.
  • want to feel more in control, but don’t want the hassle of tracking and calculating what you are eating all the time.
  • are confused about all the low-carb/low-fat/high protein labels that are thrown around on food products and dieting sites. You want eating to be simple so that you can enjoy it again.
  • want your food to taste good!

The Basic Plan includes a two-weekly meal plan, that takes into account all of your individual preferences. This is a meal plan you can refer to for life – specifically written for you.

The meal plan will include detailed macro breakdowns (if you wish) along with recipe explanations, and convenient shopping list so you can just head straight to the supermarket and be ready for the week ahead. 

I will also check in with you to make sure that you are completely happy with your progress, and offer any adjustments you may require.


The Transform Plan is for you, if you:

  • are looking to achieve a specific result, quickly.
  • Work best when kept accountable. You would appreciate somebody holding you to your plan and checking to see how you are getting on.
  • Like variety. If you enjoy trying new foods and get bored quickly, added recipe suggestions and a regularly changing meal plan would make you happy.

The Transform plan covers 8 weeks, and includes everything that you receive with the Basic plan, plus fortnightly email check-ins with myself to keep you accountable, plus a brand new meal plan update after 4 weeks, to give you even more tasty recipe inspiration!

This plan is my most popular, as it can be tailored to your journey along the way and will enable you to feel fully supported throughout the process.

Let’s get started – message me now!